Summer Acting Programs Available For Actors In NYC

June 18, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - The New York City based Maggie Flanigan Studio is pleased to invite actors of all kinds to take part in their summer acting programs in NYC. The renowned academy is known for hosting programs that help actors reach deep within themselves to bring true character to their performances. The summer intensive in particular is based on the training developed by Sanford Meisner to teach professional actors.

Stephanie Leva was a student of the academy's summer acting program who decided to continue on to the two-year acting program that is also available for those who complete the summer intensive. During the interview, she affirmed, "My first year at the Maggie Flanigan Studio has been life-changing. I was looking for some training so I could have the best tools in my toolbox as an artist. I went to a few other studios and MFA tours, but the second I had my tour and interview with Charlie Sandlan, I knew this was the place for me."

She explained that there were many specific aspects that led her to choose the Maggie Flanigan Studio over others in the area, but the versatility of the classes was ultimately the deciding factor for her, as the studio offers a personalized experienced that can be adjusted according to a student's needs. The Summer program offers a number of mandatory classes, which teach students the basics of acting under the Meisner technique. These are complemented with auxiliary content, freely chosen by the attendants according to their needs and preferences, allowing them to work on their weaknesses or develop their strengths. This makes it so that students can form their own schedule and attend the program for 15-26 hours a week, depending on their class load.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio explains that, due to the fact that most of the program's attendants are currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree, the program seeks to help them understand the importance of hard work in this form of art. This gives them a new understanding of the important fundamentals that any serious actor should possess. The pace of the program, as well as the topics covered, encourages the student's growth, preparing them as best as possible to pursue a career in the acting industry.

Leva said, "The versatile classes they offer have amazing, professional teachers. Everyone in the studio wants the best for you and they expect the best every time. Everyone is required to bring their full, free self to every class."

She also explained that, while the program's atmosphere was always an encouraging one, constructive criticism was always present. "Charlie and the other teachers do not sugar coat anything; they will tell you the truth no matter what it is, and I 100% loved that! I am not here to be babied or receive false praise, I am here to work on my craft and become the best artist I can be,” said the student.

According to the acting academy’s alumni, this is what makes Maggie Flanigan Studio's program one of the best summer acting intensives New York has available. Leva believes this critique and advice is invaluable for all students, as it presents them with many growth opportunities under the tutelage of experienced actors that know the industry first-hand. She said, "This studio is what makes you professional! This studio is what sets you above the bar. If I have grown this much in the first year, I cannot wait for the second year to start."

The academy states that their mission is to give students a new appreciation for the timeless craft of acting, while teaching them a significantly clearer process on how to write and shape their own work. This can be a useful resource to help both those who are struggling to decide on a career path and those who are already pursuing a BA degree.

Those interested in learning more may contact Charlie Sandlan of the Maggie Flanigan Studio, or follow this link:

">Beginner Acting Lessons New York. The academy can also be reached through their social media platforms.


For more information about Maggie Flanigan Studio, contact the company here:

Maggie Flanigan Studio
Charlie Sandlan
(917) 789-1599
153 W 27th St #803 New York, New York 10001

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