Ellen Degeneres goes wig shopping at Wilshire Wigs

Popular American comedian, television host, and actress, Ellen Degeneres, shops at one of the leading original wig and hair goods store, Wilshire Wigs, alongside her writer and friend, Lauren

November 19, 2019 —

Since 1967, Wilshire Wigs has been one of the leading providers of premium quality wig and hair accessories, with over 1,000 wigs on display and tens of thousands more in stock. It is, therefore, coming as no surprise that public figures, including celebrities from different walks of life, chose Wilshire Wig as their top destination for everything hair and wigs. One of such celebrities is Ellen Degeneres, as she goes wigs shopping at Wilshire Wig in the company of her writer, Lauren, trying on a wig named after her as seen on

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The beauty industry has evolved over the years and with hair being one of the most important parts of the woman’s body. Consequently, a lot of resources are expended to make sure the hair looks as perfect and as attractive as possible. The quest for beautiful hair by millions of women across the globe has led to an increase in the demand for wigs and other such solutions. Unfortunately, genuine premium quality wigs and hair products are not easily accessible to women, salons, and other such users. This is where Wilshire Wig has been able to make a huge difference over the years, with their amazing collection of authentic wig and hair accessories for men and women.

Wilshire Wigs has been in the industry for over five decades and has been a primary supplier of hair goods to movie and television productions since its inception. Some of the works that have enjoyed the hair solutions from Wilshire Wigs include Dreamgirls, Memoirs of a Geisha, Dukes of Hazzard, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Pirates of the Caribbean, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Be Cool, Lords of Dogtown, Mission: Impossible III, The Legend of Zorro, and a host of others.

Some of the top brands supplied by Wilshire Wigs include Envy, Jon Renau, Gabor, and Raquel Welch. The store also provides different kinds of hairpieces, extensions, and accessories from different trusted brands across the globe.

The store’s unique combination of quality and comprehensiveness makes Wilshire Wigs a one-stop-shop for all hair needs.

For more information about Wilshire Wigs and the plethora of premium quality hair solutions provided, please visit - https://wilshirewigs.com. Wilshire Wigs also has a relatively strong presence on social media and can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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