Advancements in Rhinology Could Improve Patients Care in Next Decade

In the past few decades, rhinology has been one of the most progressive areas of ENT practice. Find out more here:

Guildford, United Kingdom - November 19, 2019 /PressCable/ —

In the past few decades, rhinology has been one of the most progressive areas of ENT practice. There are many future possibilities that couls transform our patients’ care which are all within our grasp. We live in a time of some very interesting progress and we’ve not experienced such advancements since the introduction of nasal corticosteroids in the early 1970s.

We can envision easily that within the next decade we will be able to prevent/treat allergic rhinitis in a way that will have absolutely no adverse impact on the quality of life of patients. Currently, patients with nose and sinus problems may present with many different types of symptoms ranging from a nasal obstruction and runny nose, to facial pain and headaches. All of these symptoms could point towards conditions which require treatment.

It won’t be long before we’re soon able to treat these conditions without any risk at all with latest advancements. It also won’t be long before pregnant mothers can be treated with probiotics and/or re-engineer the microbiome in at-risk infants to prevent allergies from developing. If we are too late for that, a more effective immunotherapy will not only treat the symptoms, but prevent the development of asthma.

These advancements will probably hit private healthcare services first, the NHS won’t follow suit for longer than a decade. The problem with the NHS is that funding has been completely drained. This is where Guildford ENT come in. Today, San Sunkaraneni, the owner at Guildford ENT made a statement: “We here at Guildford ENT strive to keep up with advancements in the field of rhinology – things change all of the time and if we feel our patients will benefit more from a recent advancement, we will find a way to implement it into our services”.

When asked about his Rhinology services and experiences, San Sunkaraneni said: “I’ve Rhinologist/ENT surgeon for most of my living life, I’ve worked at the Guildford Nuffield Hospital and Mount Alvernia Hospital and provide both an out-patient and in-patient (surgery) service, as well as carrying out local anaesthetic ‘office’ procedures. I provide a regional service for Surrey, London, Sussex and Hampshire and also receives referrals from all over the UK.”

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